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ADB’s EdTech Solutions Project Team Visit: A Capacity Building
May 27, 2022| by: Rosmindo L. Ancheta, Jr.

ADB’s EdTech Solutions Project Team Visit: A Capacity Building

ADB’s EdTech Solutions Project Team Visit: A Capacity Building

Rosmindo L. Ancheta, Jr.

Education Program Supervisor

School Governance & Operations Division


A team led by Dr. Esther Care, an Australian national and the Project Team Leader of NIRAS, visited Bacalan National High School (NHS) and Sta. Fe NHS of Ipil and Titay Districts respectively last April 27 and 28, 2022.

The visit aimed at ensuring a smooth project implementation of “The EdTech Solutions for Last Mile Schools (LMSs) in Covid-19” assisted by Asian Development Bank (ADB) by way of grants.

The project was lined up to support the operationalization of the Basic Education Learning Continuity Plan (BE-LCP) by providing access to facilities and resources that will enable students to continue learning through distance education amidst the covid-19 pandemic. It also covers the provision of capacity building and learning resources for schools and teachers to aid them in teaching delivery under technology-enabled blended learning modalities.

Moreover, the on-site activity was geared to confirm that teachers can operate the provided tablet with ease, connect to the LAN of the area/school using the tablets or their own devices through a live simulation, check the equipment to ensure proper installation and sustainability. 

Furthermore, the visit was essential to check on the teachers’ Moodle navigation experience, downloading, moving from one course to another, from one activity to the other and provide the necessary just-in-time support as well as evaluate the teachers’ experience going through a sample Digitalized Learning Module (DLM) and get their feedback whether the sample DLMs are user-friendly, appropriate, and engaging, considering that these are for Grade 7-10 students.

Prior to the actual visit to the identified schools on April 27, the team had a courtesy call to the Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Jeanelyn A. Aleman, CESO VI at 10:00 o’clock in the morning and proceeded to Bacalan NHS in the afternoon on the same day.

OIC-Asst. Schools Division Superintendent (ASDS) Aurelio A. Santisas together with the Division Focal person of the project, School Governance and Operation Division - Education Program Supervisor (SGOD-EPS) Rosmindo L. Ancheta, Jr. accompanied the group along with the Curriculum Implementation Division (CID) team. 

Shortly after the provision of learning resources for the school and the learners, Dr. Care briefly conducted a lecturette as part of the Capacity Building component of the project. The Australian Project Team Leader gave an informative discourse on the overview of the project and the background of the service provider. 

Ms. Kay Anonuevo, Deputy Team Leader of NIRAS facilitated the workshop on teachers’ and school head’s capacity to manage and sustain the program while Mr. Neil, the Project Manager of dealt with the simulation on the proper use of the tablet. 

Barangay local officials, active Parent-Teacher Association officers, supportive  parents attended the said undertaking and were splendidly grateful to the team for the exceptional project their children can avail of. Eager learners were awe-stricken for the tablets provided and very appreciative for the opportunity given to them to continuously learn. 

“We are very much lucky and grateful to have received many blessings for our learners” said OIC-ASDS Santisas in his closing message. 

“We thank ADB, NIRAS and other stakeholders of this project. We look forward to have more in the future” he added.

On the second day of the Capacity Building activity, debriefing was held at Sibugay - Schools Division Office conference room in the whole morning of April 28. After which, the team headed on to Sta. Fe NHS in Titay District with Public Schools District Supervisor, Dr. Marilou B. Chio joining the group. 

Same series of activities in Bacalan NHS were conducted at Sta. Fe NHS with the energetic participation of the English, Math, and Science teachers. Same thing, barangay officials and parent representatives together with the school officials warmly and enthusiastically welcomed the team. 

Dr. Care and the whole team expressed their heartfelt gratitude in a virtual message to the officials of SDO Zamboanga Sibugay for the warm hospitality and cordiality accorded to them. 

SDO Sibugay team is indeed so grateful being beholden and indebted to Dr. Care and the whole team for such a rare opportune time shared and for the exemplary project for the young enthusiastic learners. 

Education is the best investment anyone can have and share. It is the passport of the young generation to the future. ADB and NIRAS invested something essentially and admirably good to Sibugaynon hopeful learners, it is an investment in knowledge that pays the best interest. (DepEd_RLA_RGL_05272022)