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SLC 1 SLUGGERS rip SLC 3 batters, 19-4
March 26, 2023| by: Jonathan B. Teves

“Preparation and determination are the keys in domination”. 

                This adage is shown by the powerful SLC 1 baseball team as they crushed the visiting SLC 3 during their most-awaited match held at Pangi Elementary School’s field, Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay, March 25, 2023.

                Equipped with powerful strikes, unparalleled teamwork, and superb skills, SLC 1, composed of Ipil, Titay, R.T. Lim, and Tungawan municipalities beats SLC 3, Imelda, Diplahan, Buug, and    Malangas in just two innings.

Known for their defensive arsenal, SLC 1 only allowed their opponents with two homeruns in the first innings while hitters from the team represented by San Antonio National High School scored 11 in total led by John Fritz Rivero, Gerald Rosales, and Marvin Tobias who scored 3 homeruns apiece.

Trying to bounce back in the second inning, SLC 3 Mohammad Abubakar and EJ Boy Silvano scored one home run each and made a rally for themselves that make the match more intense. Standing in their ground and proving their dominance in the game, SLC 1 regrouped themselves, made good hits, and scored 8 successive homeruns that made their opponents catching their breath.

Witnessed by their supportive spectators and die hard baseball bystanders in the area under the scorching heat of the sun, both teams made the game hotter by showing their ability, power, and physical and mental competitiveness.

“Para sa akoa, mas mupabor ko sa SLC 1 kay dili lang maayo sila mudula, taga Ipil pud ko ug naa pud koy kaila pipila sa ilaha. Sa akong tan aw mas preparado ang SLC 1”,  Michael John Obedencio, one of the spectators of the game said.

With the win, SLC 1 notched the game 1 and will be facing the winner of the match between SLC 2 and SLC 4 for the championship as the event has a single elimination format. 

“Nalipay kaayo ko nga kami ang nakadaog, Pugong sa bola ug ang among depensa mao jud ang nakapadaog sa amoa.”, Catherine B. Sandoval, SLC 1 coach said during the post-game interview.


Scores:  1st Inning  SLC 1 = 11, SLC 3 = 2

2nd Inning  SLC 1 = 8, SLC 3 = 2