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GIYA-Sibugay trails education 2020
October 15, 2020| by: Estrelita Ampo-Pena, EdD

As the entire DepEd braces itself for the opening of class, Zamboanga Sibugay Division trailblazed the maiden utilization of GIYA (Guided, Integrated, Yielding Activities) for the current school year.

GIYAs are learning activity sheets written by select-teacher-writers across the Division from kindergarten to Senior High School.  This initiative is the brainchild of OIC-SDS Jeanelyn A. Aleman in her pursuit to bridge the gap, in case modules from the Central Office cannot reach the division on time, as expected.

Both the Curriculum and Instruction Division (CID) and the School Governing Operation Division (SGOD) worked hand in hand for the monitoring of the first release of GIYA modules in Oct. 1 and 2.  Even SDS Aleman herself, and the two assistant superintendents: Jerry Bokingkito and Aurelio Santisas were in the field to gather feedback from parents, learners and stakeholders for the improvement of the materials. 

The experience was worth the wait.  Various reactions were noted. Suggestions were taken as guide in the preparation of another set of supplementary learning materials for the 505 elementary and secondary schools. Each school this time, is given the autonomy to make adjustments based from the observations they got from their learners.  School principals are expected to be more adept in the adjustment to be reflected in their School Learning Continuity Plan.  Every day is a new learning experience. Everybody is enjoined and capacitated to contribute to the successful academic year, despite the health challenges and the paradigm shift taken by DepEd, as a whole.

On the other side, Zamboanga Sibugay Division was also assigned to prepare the Regional-initiated modules, specifically in English subject.  It is good to note, the Division was able to deliver the task before the deadline set by the Region.

“Nothing is impossible with a heart that feels and a mind that understands,” said SDS Jeanelyn Aleman, in her message to all school heads during the soft opening of classes 2020.